Friday, February 25, 2011

A Shout Out To Terrie :-)

Hello everyone.  Hope this finds you well wherever you are in the world. 

Today I'd like to acknowledge the thoughtfulness of Terrie ~.~ smiling, who was sweet to bestow this award upon me a couple weeks ago.  My huge apologies, Terrie, for taking so long to post.  I've fallen behind on things, but nonetheless very appreciative for your kindness!  Please visit this lovely lady's blog to see all of her crafty talent and life in Hong Kong.

With this award, the following applies:
Post link back to the person that gave you the award.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered bloggers
Drop them a note, and tell them about it!

Random things about me:
  • My favorite sound is children laughing.
  • I miss when my boys were little and it was all about 'butterfly kisses' and 'pinky promises'.
  • If I could live in a different time and place, it would be Victorian England.
  • My childhood was not a rosy one, but one fond memory is how I spent sister and I would escape outdoors to collect ladybugs in our jars and chase butterflies.  Every summer day...dawn till dusk.
  • In my 20s, I was a Sunday School teacher for 8 years. 
  • I rarely curse, but when I do it's because you're a bad driver and you've cut me off.  My go-to words start with F and S.
  • Guilty pleasure...McDonalds french fries.

I've been enjoying my current blogroll and haven't had much time to surf for new ones.  There is one however, that I found recently.  And so I pass the Stylish Blogger Award to...

Pay her a visit and see what lovely crochet work she's done.  There's a neat lampshade cover you'll love!

Hugs all around :-)


  1. You're so sweet Josie. Glad to know more about you. I love my salad days too. I also run around with my sister to chase dragonflies, catch fishes in the stream.

    MemeRose's lampshapes are wonderful. Purple is my favourate color.

    Nice weekend.

  2. Hi Josie,

    Thankyou for joining my blog at creative world.
    I love your blog, so many lovely things to see, especially all the crochet work!! your photos are so bright and colourful :)
    congrats on the blog style award
    Kate at creative world :)

  3. P.S those little dogs of yours are little treasures, I have a silky terrier cross Ruby, who is my baby!! where would we be without our little dogs :)


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