Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembrance...and Ripples

To those who served and died for our country, I send gratitude for their duty on this Memorial Day.  My father served during WW II and my husband's father served in Korea and two tours in Vietnam.  They've physically left us, but never will our family forget.

A couple weeks ago I began a new project - my first ripple blanket.  It has been on my wish list forever and I got a mean bug to just do it!

My selected colors from Lion Brand in my favorite basket.


Had to get that requisite photo of the stash before starting!

After looking at a few ripple patterns, I went with Lucy's because in the end I just liked it and it's easy.  I'm about 20 rows in and completely love the feel of it.  This one's going to be all mine :-)

We face a busy week of ceremonious activities for end-of-the-school-year, yippee!  Oh, and I started a knitting/crochet club, double-yippee!

Until next time, have a good first week of June.  The countdown to Summer begins :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Blooms at Home

Hello all, I hope you're well and finding time to crochet, craft and create.  I've been working on bits of crochet and knitting here and there.  Squeezing it in between my flower photo shoots!  It's the height of Spring and I wanted to capture all the sweet blooms at home right now.  Thanks for browsing along with me...

My Mothers Day bouquet from the Boys.  Photo taken a couple days ago and still going strong...amazing flower resilience!

 Perfect petals

An inexpensive bunch from the grocery store.  The tissue-like, transluscent petals have begun to unfurl ever so delicately.

My miniature African Violet in bloom and bud for its second cycle.

Sweet hydrangeas that will be planted into some outdoor pots.  A very showy and proud flower, dense with mini-flowerettes.

A standard cymbidium orchid, delicate markings, but strong and hardy.

My David Austin 'Windermere' ready to explode with blooms any day now.

The lovely David Austin 'Glamis Castle' awakening ever so sweetly.  I cannot wait to take in it's delicate fragrance once fully bloomed!

I hope there are flowers blooming where you are.  Have a good week ahead :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Spring Day at the Office

We had a late spring rain last night with possibly more today.  A lovely thing for those of us who enjoy the rain and especially the flowers which could use a good drink at this time of year.

As is my ongoing quest to appreciate the every day things in life, I recently snapped photos of my walk into the office.  Actually, out of my car in the driveway and into the office. 

I'm the office manager for an investment firm that is housed in a sweet Tudor-style home which we've renovated into an office.  Coming from my background of working many, many years for huge corporations, this work environment has been a refreshing change.  It truly is delightful, I never feel like I'm going to "work."

Entry gate from the driveway

Climbing pink rose over the gate

The lovely Ms. Cecile Brunner in all her glory

Through the gate, my path to the office

Passing by the cottage-style garden along the way

A lovely, quiet place to wander through, particularly on a stressful day!

Where calla lillies abound

A number of beautiful David Austin roses have just been planted around the office so of course, I will be out there taking more photos! 

Have a good day wherever you are and whatever you do :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crazy for Cushions

Now that our kitchen project is almost complete and things are making their way back into place, I'm so happy to get back to some desperately needed hooking time!  I was having serious withdrawal issues over the last month...

Off to my hook and needles to complete some pillows that languished in my WIP pile. 

Classic granny with several rows of single crochet edging.

I made 2 of these, one large and one small.  Forgot to photograph the backs of the cushions which are simply one big granny square done in the cream yarn.
And this knitted cable stitch cushion that was a complete joy to make.

The backing done in stockinette with a garter stitch edge.

Envelope back for easy removal.  I like the idea of changing out cushion covers as the mood strikes.

Trio of cushions.  Apologies...not your vision, just a poor photo on my part!

And so they'll rest here on the loveseat for a while...
Wish I could join the cushions for a rest myself, but a busy day lies ahead.  I'm off to help with a charity auction.

I hope you have a weekend filled with good things :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day...Kitchen Facelift

Happy welcome to May, my friends, I hope Spring is treating you well.  As for me, my home-sweet-home is a little topsy turvy at the moment.  A little kitchen renovation is in the works and I'm SO excited.  It's been a long time coming and our humble kitchen is getting a much needed makeover...

Our kitchen since we moved in 14 years ago.  Time took its toll.  There was termite and water damage in some of the cabinets and general deterioration overall.  It was definitely time to rescue it. 
It took all of half a day to go from this... this

...and this
The kitchen cabinets and counters install is scheduled over 2 weeks and while I'm excited, I also feel a bit anxious over not having a kitchen for this long.  Nowhere to hang my apron!

I'm a bit of a neat freak so to see the dust and grit and general disarray of this part of our home...well, let's just say it will be a challenging 2 weeks for me to get through. 

Can I just hibernate with my hook and stash and emerge when it's all done?!

** Edited to add **
So 4 weeks later...our kitchen is almost back to full function.  New kitchen cabs, counter and recessed lighting installed.  Dust and grit all cleaned up.  The last phase is painting the walls which will happen in a week or two.  So for now, we're enjoying our new kitchen.  Freshly baked brownies on the counter and apron back on its hook...ahhhh, home sweet home.

Sending you wishes for a home-sweet-home day :-)