Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Blooms at Home

Hello all, I hope you're well and finding time to crochet, craft and create.  I've been working on bits of crochet and knitting here and there.  Squeezing it in between my flower photo shoots!  It's the height of Spring and I wanted to capture all the sweet blooms at home right now.  Thanks for browsing along with me...

My Mothers Day bouquet from the Boys.  Photo taken a couple days ago and still going strong...amazing flower resilience!

 Perfect petals

An inexpensive bunch from the grocery store.  The tissue-like, transluscent petals have begun to unfurl ever so delicately.

My miniature African Violet in bloom and bud for its second cycle.

Sweet hydrangeas that will be planted into some outdoor pots.  A very showy and proud flower, dense with mini-flowerettes.

A standard cymbidium orchid, delicate markings, but strong and hardy.

My David Austin 'Windermere' ready to explode with blooms any day now.

The lovely David Austin 'Glamis Castle' awakening ever so sweetly.  I cannot wait to take in it's delicate fragrance once fully bloomed!

I hope there are flowers blooming where you are.  Have a good week ahead :-)


  1. Hi Josie, Such pretty pics of your flowers, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. Very pretty flowers! I love the look of the hydrangeas,the colors are always so nice. Hope you have a good week too in what ever you do:)

  3. I could smell those roses! Mmm...

  4. I love flowers so much, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I agree with Pammy Sue, I could smell them as I scrolled down.

  5. Beautiful blooms. I'm sure your house must be filled with wonderful scent.

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Lovely blooms, lovely pics.

    About that blanket pattern you'd like that you saw in my blog, I don't have a scanner so I'll have to photocopy and post it to you if you don't mind giving me your address. I think it's a knitted blanket, do you knit? I'm about to learn. I'm going to a group on Saturday that was featured on Kirsty's handmade home so I'm hoping by saturday night I'll be able to cast on and off as I can remember how to do the knit stitch from when my Mum showed me when I was little.

    I wonder what we will think of all out crafty stuff in 30 years..."What were WE thinking!!"


  7. beautiful thanks for sharing.Im off to get some blooms of my own.

  8. So very lovely blooms! Love the orchid. I have one as a houseplant and would really like to get some more.

  9. The smell must be sooo nice :) I love looking at ur flowers pics!
    Thank you for visiting:)

  10. Hi Josie ! W-A-U-W !!!!!!!! MAGNIFICENT flowers !
    Have a nice day :) x

  11. So sweeeeeet, so beautiful!!! You are so lucky having such pretty flowers by your side! :) Thanks for sharing! Have a great week ahead! xoxo


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