Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rest & Relaxation

What a wonderful week of holiday festivities, food and family.  Now... time to relax with a cup of tea and lose myself in a yarn project.

After exclusively crocheting for the last 6 months, I've switched gears and picked up my knitting needles.  Someday I'd like to try knitting cables, but haven't worked up the courage to try yet.  In the meantime, I came across this "mock cable pattern" and enjoy it immensely.  Not difficult, soothing to work, yet just enough concentration needed to make it interesting and satisfying.

A scarf in the making, using one of my favorite acrylic yarns, Caron Simply Soft.
I discovered this pattern through the lovely blog, My Sewing Serenity.  Here's the pattern if you'd like to give it a try:

Mock Cable Rib (Pattern Stitch)
(Multiple of 4 sts plus 2)

Row 1:  (RS) *P2, k2; repeat from *, end p2
Row 2 and 4:  *K2, p2; repeat from *, end k2
Row 3:  *P2, k2tog without slipping sts from needle, then k first st again, drop both sts from needle;  repeat from *, end p2

Repeat rows 1-4 for pattern st

Example:  Worsted weight yarn cast on 46 sts.  Work for desired length.  Bind off.  Approx. 240 yds for ~ 9 1/2 " x 49" scarf.

Enjoy some down time and quiet moments :-)


  1. That looks lovely -- and I love the colour -Oh and I love Kathleen' blog too x Happy New Year to you x

  2. Oh so beautiful Josie!!! You're great at knitting! Thank you for sharing the lovely blog and the pattern, hope I could get up my nerve to give it a try!!! :)

  3. Everyone needs a change once in a while. Do prefer crocheting over knitting? I tried knitting but it just didn't feel right. Maybe if I'd of stuck with it.

    That is a lovely pattern!

  4. Hi Josie, that will be a lovely scarf. Pretty stitch pattern. I'm gonna learn to knit this year at least more than knit (garter) and purl! Somehow crochet just felt more natural but I'm determined to learn to knit clothes. Can't wait to see you model it for us ;)

  5. Wow, that looks so nice! Just like the real thing!! Will have to have a go. Happy New Year!!

  6. Thank you for the pattern. I modified it so the mock cable is on both sides, and have made 2 scarves using Bernat Satin. It's so relaxing to knit these, I just want to make more...


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