Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Luxuries :: Soap

I'm off to work shortly, but wanted to share some purchases I made this past weekend.  I love a good deal and am always looking for bargains.  So off to my local Ross store I went - prepared to face brutal parking and crowds this time of year.  I was pleasantly surprised to find neither (I must have gone at the right time!).  My aim was to find soap to go with the washcloths I've been making as gifts.  Oh my, I wasn't disappointed...

Handmade and triple-milled soap made in Italy

Sweet-scented rose and lavender

The loveliest vintage-y packaging

And the best part was the bargain:  nothing above $8.00 (and that was for a box of 12)
My photos don't do these soaps justice, I'm still working on my photography skills and will get the lighting right one of these days...

Make your day a beautiful one :-)


  1. They are gorgeous and will make your gifts extra special --- Isn't it lovely when a plwn comes together
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I can almost smell that lovely soap , great buys !

  3. when I was a little girl my mum had a drawer full of these soaps.I loved the boxes ,the tissue paper around the soap and of course the gorgeous smells.Thank you for that wonderful memory

  4. I love soap, the shapes, the smells... fun.
    Those are pretty and will make a great compliment to your washcloths.

  5. This soap looks so beautiful and is just perfect to go with washcloths!

  6. Oh not to worry with those photography skills, Josie!.. I'm right there with ya, trying to fine-tune mine as well.. I did just get a new camera for my birthday though, so I'm hopeful for better results with less editing!!.. Looks like you hit the jackpot with all these beautiful soaps!.. a very nice assortment!!... Have a nice weekend! ~tina

  7. So lovely Josie! It's really happy with your washcloths! Your pictures looks great, don't be afraid about that! :)
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs, xxx

  8. Hi! What lovely gifts. The soap along with your hand made washcloths will be surely be a hit!

  9. Josie, Hi, thanks for stopping by the yankee teapot! Your blog looks nice, I like the names of your dogs. We have an old newfie called Sarge.
    Love the soaps, very vintage. Gail xx

  10. I think your photography looks great Josie.

    I love the soaps - Ive still got some cakes of soap in their wrappings that people have given me years ago. Cant bear to open them!

    The packaging on these is great. The pink looks delightfully vintagey.



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