Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crochet, Please...

After spending some much needed, lovely quality time with my family over the last week, I'm now really itching to spend quality time with my crochet hook.  Getting back to work at the office was a bear and while my mind says I want to crochet, my tired body is saying not today!  Sooooo, I've been doing the next best thing and catching up with my favorite blogs - there's so much creating going on out there!  I'm enjoying all your wonderful images of places and people and projects.

So my goal for this week (once my body cooperates)... try and finish a granny blankie as a gift for my little sister. 

I'm using the join-squares-as-you-go method using Attic24's tutorial.  It does eliminate one step because you're simultaneously working your last row and joining squares.  I love this shortcut!
Happy crafting and creating :-)


  1. I know how you feel, I seem to have lost a bit of my crochet (& sewing) mojo too, but looking at your lovely blanket has inspired me to get things moving again. Thank you!


  2. Well I am so glad you had a little bit of time as I was so pleased you had "hopped" over to my little bit of "Chalky's World" and left such a lovely comment. I am glad the Header picture made you smile. I love it and it even makes me smile every time I log on.
    I love the gentle soothing colours of your new blanket

  3. I know the feeling ,your blanket looks gorgeous

  4. Love the blanket, love the colors! It turned out really beautiful!
    Sometimes we have the same feeling...:)
    Have a nice day!

  5. Thank you once again for popping over to my blog and your kind comment about the knitted game for the Kenyan children. I hope they like it!

  6. Such a lovely blanket, I love the colours, so girly.xx

  7. Hi Josie,
    It's me here again! :) Just popping by to say "Hi" and thank you for your lovely words on my blog! I really enjoy it!
    Hope you have a great time!
    Take loads of care,

  8. Hi Josie,
    Thankyou for visiting my corner of blogland.

    I LOVE the colours of this blanket. The pink works so beautifully, its one of the nicest Ive seen.
    Im going to have to subscribe to your blog, I love the simple things too....


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