Sunday, November 7, 2010


The 2nd annual international marathon is taking place in my lovely city of Santa Barbara today.  There's been a buzz of activity in my usually quiet neighborhood as the marathon route runs through a road here and down along the shoreline.

Hats off to those who are undertaking this grueling challenge :: I'm sure their preparation and training began weeks and months before.  My utmost respect to all these participants who push their physical and mental capabilities to its limits.  Quite an achievement.

But while these runners do their thing today, I will embark on a slightly different type of marathon activity.  No running shoes involved, just slippers of the fluffy sort.  Instead of water, my drink of choice will be pots of tea.  It's happening in the comfort of my own home on a worn, but very cushy sofa.  Yup, you've guessed :: it's a marathon of the hooky-knitty type.  My favorite kind.

I'm sure you, my crafty friends, will begin or have already begun your own marathons to complete by year's end.  By that I mean much holiday crafting and homemade gift-making to do!

Washcloth gifts in the making

Screaming for an edging :: but I know Sandy's Flickr will help me decide which one

Only a bazillion more to go...

I send positive thoughts to you for optimum health and stamina this holiday crafting season.  I will cheer you on to the finish line :-)


  1. Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    Those dishcloths look lovely! Although I've found that I barely ever use the ones I made, they're just too nice!!

  2. Hi Josie, thanks for such a lovely comment on my blog this morning. I should get back to work organizing the backroom so I can actually get out the holiday stuff to sell. Ugg, so much work. I wonder how sales will be this year. It's more fun blogging and checking out other blogs, hee, hee. I love Sta Barbara, you lucky girl! That's a cute flower pattern; they look nice on the scarf. Take care and good wishes that you'll get all your holiday gifts done without stressing! *Hugs*, Annie PS I need to update my flickr with more recent photos!

  3. Don't you just love making washcloths? You know they be used and they are simple to make up and you can tote them around to make wherever you go!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

  4. Hi Josie! You bet! Everybody's hooks, needles, and sewing machines are running full-throttle now, for the holidays!!.. This is my first time here, and the first thing I absolutely loved were your furbabies at the top right of your blog! And the names Sonny and Cher!!!! I was (and still am) a big fan of theirs! I'd love to see the new movie, Burlesque, with Cher in it, but that will have to wait. I simply MUST see the newest Harry Potter movie FIRST! Looking forward to visiting again, and nice to meet you! ~tina


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