Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Days Rambling

It was a topsy turvy week in my household as we replaced all our worn carpet downstairs with wood flooring (thanks to our doggies).  Much moving of furniture and all our stuff - from one room to another and another and another, like musical chairs - and then all back again.  Not fun.  Fortunately, this is when it starts paying off to have 2 teenage boys.  Taking out the trash and moving furniture.  Life as Mom gets better and better :-)

We are pleased with the result...

Our living/dining room.  The "After," unfortunately wasn't able to snap a "Before."
It's called African Zebra Wood.  Characterized by bold graining in the wood.  We used this in a total of 3 rooms.

To maintain my sanity through all this, I managed to steal some moments of Autumn.  We don't get a true Fall season where I live so I sort of create it.  On average, November days are 70 degrees and sunny, just like today.  So here are some snapshots I took in an effort to collect some of the beautiful colors of the season.

And finally...I managed to do some stash busting using leftover yarn bits.  Came up with a couple of crocheted hot pads.

The solid centers are Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in half dc.  Since it's an extra chunky yarn, the disc came out very dense and firm.  Perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

Happy home-y Autumn days to you :-)


  1. All of your hard work paid off. It is beautiful. The hot pads are great.

  2. Hi Josie, You're right about my bathroom, only in Hlwd! Your new floors are beautiful. If you haven't used a Swiffer with the cloths, now is the time to start, I love'em. I have hardwood thu-out the house and I sweep or vacuum and then use the Swiffer to get to the hard to reach places and it gets more dust so everything is cleaner. Love the hot pads so autumn-ie.

  3. Love the pot with the orange middle! We're most definitely feeling autumn here, actually forget that, it was more like winter yesterday!!! Frost on cars, thick fog in the morning and hats/ scarves/ gloves out!

    Love love love wooden flooring - I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that when/ if we buy a house together and get cats and dogs, wooden flooring is a must! He's so attached to his british carpets...

  4. Hi Josie,
    Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment on my blog.
    That's great to be here and enjoy your blog, really beautiful!
    I will send you soon the Broad-brim hat pattern, I modified it a little bit from a Japanese's book, but lazy me did not take note it for reference later! I am so glad you love it!
    Take loads of care,

  5. Hi Josie, Many thanks for your comments on my post. I think I am going to take a leaf out of your book and do what you do. That sounds so great, just a less stressful way. Having a huge extended family, it's a nightmare to shop for! I love to blog, I think it's all our way of being the real us, and it's lovely to find people who can help you out with helpful ideas and comforting words when you feel a bit overwhelmed! So thank you again, your comments meant a lot.

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

  6. Fantastic Pot holders - I love their 'pumpkin' colours, perfect for Autumn :-D



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