Monday, March 21, 2011

Crochet Bouquet

 What fun to receive your comments on my last post about my pups.  Your dog stories brought me big smiles!  Thank you!

To celebrate Spring's arrival, I pulled out Crochet Bouquet and made some flowers out of this book.

A good collection of flower and leaf patterns ranging from easy to not-so-easy.  I've had this book for months and looked through it quite a few times, but didn't actually make anything from it until recently. 

I went for the easiest of patterns first.  The five-petal can be the basis for compiling layered flowers, but I love the simplicity of these little ones.  The process was enjoyable and relaxing.  I could sit and make these all day long with endless colors.
I really wanted to just keep going with the simple five-petals, but was feeling guilty for not trying another pattern from the book.  After all, I did spend money on it and there are lots and lots of fancy flower patterns to be found here.

Soooooo...I attempted the Pansy pattern.  These were definitely more involved.
I struggled a bit with the pattern and had to unravel several times.  While I like a challenge now and then, I was SO ready to give up on these.  Usually you get the hang of it after the first couple tries, but I continued to struggle and kept losing my place in the pattern.  Frustrating as it was, I was determined to finish the first one and then struggled again to finish a second one. 

Enough was enough and here they are.  I'm afraid I will not attempt this one again anytime soon!
Happy Spring blooms to you :-)


  1. I struggled with the pansies too! After many attempts I couldn't get them to look right so I gave up. Well done for persevering, they are so sweet.

  2. So lovely flowers you've made! I love them all! Very cute Josie, that book looks great, I should add it to my wishlist! :)
    Take care and enjoy Spring time! :)
    Love and hugs, LS, x

  3. Those pansies are delightful...just lovely! x

  4.'s a great book isn't it?...made the pansy cute
    Hugs x

  5. But they turned out so beautifully, keep going they are worth the effort!

  6. It was certainly worth persevering, they're wonderful. I've just stumbled up on your blog and have enjoyed reading your previous posts. What mischievous little dogs you have, but they're just lovely all the same.

  7. Wow, they turned out great. When I struggle with patterns which is almost all the time since I'm new to this craft, I write the pattern out by hand in big letters to see easily since most often I'm crocheting when I should be sleeping and then each step within the step is given their own sentence so I can keep track of where I'm at. This helps me allot. I have been known to throw the whole lot across the room with blurting not very nice insanities and then woefully picking up my mess and dropping into bed. You at least seem very calm!!! They are really lovely :)

  8. But they looks so innocent & sweet! ...thank you for the heads up.


  9. Your pansies are very nice!

    Next time try copying out the pattern on index cards, one round per card. Or rewrite them onto lined paper, with just a few instructions on each line and lots of space between rounds.

    Just rewriting the instructions helps a lot. You can leave out extra stuff, like stitch counts and other explanatory text. Leaving extra space between short bursts of instructions helps you keep your place.

    The Ray Flower is pretty easy, even though it doesn't look like it.

  10. Maybe it wasn't you, maybe it's the writer. I have one of her books and find her instructions very difficult to follow :)


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