Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mischievous Mutts

My pups.  They look sweet.  They look innocent.  Ha!  Check out what these darling little creatures are capable of...

They will eat, chew or take a bite out of anything...ANYTHING...when you're not watching. 

The minute your back is turned...they're into something they shouldn't be.

Most of the time I just roll with it.  Then there are days when they truly test my patience.  I come home from work and see this...yup...a down-filled cushion on our sofa.  Count to 10 and b-r-e-a-t-h...

They especially seem to prefer teenage boys' socks (gross), boxer shorts (ick), jock straps (eeewwww) that are casually tossed on bedroom floors.  Decided to spare you those photos.


Well okay, not really.

The truth is, you each chose me and stole my heart the minute I looked at your faces.

Have a mischief-free day...or not?  :-)


  1. Your dogs remind me of my college roommate's dog (a huge male Irish Setter). Every time we would leave him to go out he would tear up the sofa cushions. We finally decided to put him in the laundry room on the first floor of our townhouse saying as we went out the door...now we won't have to clean up a mess when we get home. We returned home and my roommate (owner of the dog) opened the front door and as she turned on the light stepped into water. The whole first floor was flooded with water! At least one to two inches! We discovered that the dog was so upset we left him that he kept throwing himself against the laundry room door and must have also thrown himself against the water faucets in the laundry tub turning the water on. He was a mess when we got home just miserable from standing in the water. We were miserable mopping up all the water in our family room for the next hour or so. Luckily no carpet down there just tile floor. Needless to say that's the first and last time we put him in the laundry room.

  2. They're innocent and sweet. We're tolerant for their behavior. Wow, spoilt and hampered. My cats sometimes broke my ceramics !

  3. Wow, Such little mess makers. You do have patience!! Sorry your pretty stuff got wrecked and you had to spend time cleaning and not crocheting.

    Remember years ago on SNL and they had the skit with puppy uppers and doggie downers? There were times when our Australian shepherd would dig up plants I had just planted and I would get so mad and think of those doggie downers and think that is what she needed but in reality, she was only mimicking my work and I'm sure she thought she was helping me and then I'd think if I could just teach her to dig holes in the places I needed, we could work as a team but of course that never happened AND of course I would never give her any drugs of any kind. She lived to be a little over 15 and was such a good watchdog and family member. We just can't resist our pets/furry family members! Have a wonderful day, Josie!

  4. I am still laughing, LOL, your Squirt and those happy faces all stuck on the face, LOL. Little mischief makers. Our Chewy managed to chew every one of my kitchen chairs, I swear he is part termite. He chewed all those little wooden buttons that are used to hide the screws where that curved piece of wood helps to stabilize the seat of the chair to the back. My hubby is a woodworker and I told him he wouldn't have to buy any lumber, just wait awhile and Chewy would poop him out a board, lol. I ended up taking a bar of soap and rubbing it on the chair legs and rungs. He never bothered them again, I guess he wasn't partial to the taste of soap. People ask me what that white stuff is on my chairs. I tell them to go ask Chewy, lol. A friend had a dalmation and a little mutt, they blocked the dogs in the kitchen to go Christmas shopping. When they returned the dogs had gotten out and tore down the Christmas tree, broken ornaments and the little mutt had candy cane stuck all around it's mouth, lol. Hang in there Josie, it could have been much worse.....yeah, I read the other comments, lol

  5. Oh my goodness! So naughty but so, so sweet.

  6. LOL! That is so funny...(from where I am sitting). Who would have thought such cuties could cause so much havoc?!

    Have a wonderful mischief free day too!


  7. Oh Josie, the fun doesn't stop there. Yesterday morning I left the dogs out to potty, got them fed, made myself some coffee and came to my pc. Awhile later I come down the hall and Chewy is lying there, and lo and behold what does he have but my small seam ripper that I had laying on the end table. He had the sharp end and the cover was no where in sight. He has never gotten up in my chair and bothered anything on the table before. I told him, "Chewy, you had better be sewing a dress since you are caught red-handed with my seam ripper, you bad dog!" He left me take it and went off and came back with the end cover. How he managed to not hurt himself is beyond me. Dogs are small children only furry!

  8. Hi Josie, your dog with the stickers all over its face has made me laugh. I guess they egg each other on as well. When we lived in Arizona we had a dog and she liked underwear too, very strange she used to steal them and run away. We just lost our Newfie of 11 yrs and we often think of the things he got up to and it makes us smile. :)


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