Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing Hooky

Shhhhhh.  A couple days last week I played hooky from work.  Just blasted an email to my co-workers saying I had some things to take care of at home.  Little do they know these "things" happen to be of a hooky nature, hehehe.  Sure I feel a little guilty...but it will pass. 

  Given that no one from the office knows about my blog, and that 90% of the staff is male and have absolutely zero interest in crocheting, chances are no one will discover my ulterior motive.  However, I must qualify that with the fact that their wives and girlfriends make up a majority of my knitting club!  They don't know my blog address yet, so I think I'm safe for the time being.

Needed to do some stash busting, so I did what a hooker usually does...start a granny blanket.

I chose a rectangle granny pattern from the Lion Brand website, but became confused and ended up having to figure it out on my own by studying photos of other rectangles.  There are a couple different methods, but the pattern that matches mine closely is probably this this one.  Once that first row is done the rest is a breeze.

Crocheting round after round after round in my favorite outdoor chair.

Growing nicely into what will be a massive granny.

I think it may even grace our picnic table this summer as a tablecloth.

Ahhhh...playing hooky is my kinda day.
Have a great weekend whatever you do :-)


  1. Sometimes you just need those mental health days to refresh and recharge. A rectangle granny -- that is new to me. Love the colors you've chosen. Sitting outdoors would be so nice. Not happening around here with temps around 117 each day and a bit of dust today. :/ Have a great day. Tammy

  2. It looks lovely, Josie! And once in awhile, everyone needs a little hooky time :p Love those wellies!

  3. So lovely. I love the color very much.
    :( I missed my hooky

  4. I love it! Your rectangle granny looks so beautiful, I especially love the colors you've chosen! Deserves a few days home!!!
    PS: I passed an award to you and left a comment on your last post, did you forget to take it? :)
    Love and hugs,
    Lovestitch, x

  5. I've been known to have a sickie now and again. Not now of course as it's impossible, but when I had a real job. Sometimes it was all too much and I needed a break before I did get properly poorly. It was a stressful job and I hated it.

    I am doing a granny square but I prefer rectangle blankets so I think I'll frog it and start a fresh, I haven't done much so far. Actually I'll turn it into a cushion cover. Yes that's what I'll do.

    Have you got 14 granny clusters (plus a single cluster on each end) and 3 chain between them? I've been trying to fathom it out from your pics. Yours is gorgeous.



  6. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the idea of the rectangle!

  7. That is beautiful ! Lovely colors ! Rectangle , that 's a nice idea !
    Thank you Josie for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  8. Hi Josie,
    thanks for writing on my blog over at creative world.
    I too have a hook addiction lately! I made my first pair of slippers last nite in crochet! Your granny blanket is gorgeous and has inspired me to start one this weekend!
    Your blog is great
    Kate :)

  9. It sounds like a perfect way to spend a day to me! Work life balance and all that. I love the blanket and the colours are gorgeous xxx

  10. Oh Josie, playing hooky with a hook, you go girl! Such cool, soothing colors you've chosen. Love it. I think my fav of all time is the granny crochet stitch. Just so traditional and reminds me of the summer my grandma taught me to crochet and we sat, I learned, we chatted and made granny squares. Before that time we spent together, I was always a little afraid of her. Creativity always brings out the best in people don't ya think? Glad you took some time for yourself. And your project??? Beautiful. It'll be a cherished tablecloth for years to come. ENJOY, my friend.

  11. Ooooh this is a pretty one Josie! Go on playing hooky, I love it!

    Have a happy weekend,
    love Maaike


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