Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almost Autumn

Techinically it's still summer, but today's weather hinted at the coming days of Autumn.  Living in a coastal climate, the days start with some morning fog, clearing to an afternoon of glorious sunshine.  Many summer days start this way as well, but there's a distinct coolness in the air that whispers a change in season.

  A new hydrangea flowering bud ready to greet Autumn days.

The same hydrangea plant with a flower that has been in bloom since Spring.  Still going strong. 

Same for my potted rose still a-bloom.  I expect one more burst of buds all around through the Fall.  And a continued battle with the bugs that love my roses just as much!

15 years ago we planted a row of poplar trees.

They now tower about 25 feet tall.  The rustling of the leaves signal cooler days ahead.  It's an incredibly peaceful sound.  I love to just be still and listen.

Enjoying it all with a cup of tea and crochet out on the picnic table...and determined to finish this granny blanket before the official onset of Autumn.  I've got 2 days!

Enjoy the rest of your week :-)


  1. Beautiful flowers! And the blanket is lovely! I hope you will show it entire, when finishid;-)
    Regards, colette

  2. You're right definitely a nip in the air and dark is creeping up on us. I would love to have a garden big enough to plant some trees they must sound gorgeous! Enjoy finishing your beautiful blanket, I love those muted blues and greens.

  3. Love your flowers! They are all pretty! So glad you have been enjoying a beautiful time, with tea and crochet, that's wonderful! I just wish I could now! :)
    Much love,
    LS, xo

  4. The colors in your granny throw are beautiful!!


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