Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hendry's Beach

So long Summer 2011, it was lovely.  Kids back to school and Labor Day holiday marking the end of another summer season.

Hendry's Beach is nearby and it's a place we love.  Many warm summer weekend afternoons spent here when the boys were younger.  L enjoyed boogie boarding with friends while G stayed out of the water and busied himself creating sand structures.

More recently, visits here are simple walks alone... to reflect, appreciate... and to exercise!

Like a few days ago when these photos were taken and the marine layer was thick.  Not to worry though, the sun breaks through eventually and by late afternoon it's a perfect summer day.

Enjoy your week :-)


  1. Hi Josie, I love going to the beach, looks like a nice one. Hope you had a great summer. All four of mine are in school today, the house is very,very quiet!

  2. Looks like a great place to spend some relaxing time.

  3. Hi Josie! Both you and I took a blog break! I need to post but have been sooo busy. Lovely beach; I've never been there. Looks inviting, like a nice place to get one's thoughts together and reflect. Hope you are enjoying fall and the new routine it brings. Take care, Annie

  4. The beach looks so inviting, what a perfect place to crochet.My children are back to school and the house is so very quiet.


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