Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Eats and a Wish

I'm a bit tardy in posting the New Years Day food fest we hosted in our home.  Not a huge party, but a simple small luncheon for 8 of our family.

Our table setting in a casual, neutral palette.

No wine glasses here... just sparkling punch for drinks (which I neglected to photograph!)

A prime rib roast was the star of the show.  I'm of the "low and slow" school of roasting meat.  325 degrees Farenheit, 15 minutes for every 1/2 pound or until meat thermometer reaches 160 degrees for medium rare.  Mashed potatoes with buckets of gravy, mushrooms, onions on the side.  And a light corn salad (another thing I forgot to photograph before it was all gone!)
Best things last... brownies with peanut butter chips for dessert
And peppermint bark...oh how I could devour tins of this stuff
We also served a large tray of crackers topped with sour cream and caviar, a lovely luxurious gift sent by a friend which we shared with our loved ones.  Another thing I didn't have a chance to photograph because they were gone in 10 seconds flat.  Come to think of it, that was pretty much how it all was.  Spent 5 hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking, food on the table by 12 noon.  Said Grace and by 12:20 everything was pretty much inhaled off the plates.  Done before I could even say "Bon Appetit."

We are grateful for our bounty and can't help but think of those who are experiencing deep challenges right now.  Prayers for our friends who have loved ones deployed in dangerous parts of the world.  We also send our wishes of hope and faith to those who are struggling right now to sustain their families and keep food on the table.

I hope you experience all that you wish for this new year :-)


  1. Beautiful meal, Happy New Year... Happy blessings to you and yours!

  2. Wow! your table & food look scrumptious, no wonder it was gone in seconds....your have one lucky family!


  3. I bet they all love coming to your house! Your table and food look wonderful. It sure made me hungry, lol

  4. What a cozy setting and all the temptation.


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