Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simple Granny Comfort

My heart crocheting has come to a halt.  Or rather, we'll call it an 'interruption' for now, because I fully intend to go back to my joyful heart-making.  This temporary distraction is for a really good reason though. A friend is having a baby soon and to me, there are few things as joyful as welcoming a new life into the world!

So I made a beeline to my stash and narrowed my choices down to these - "Impeccable" acrylic yarn.

...and got to work.  No time for much thinking over pattern and color combinations, so I kept it simple. 

Just your basic granny pattern - sweet, simple and soothing.

As I connect the sqaures, my thoughts center around mother and baby.  The 'connection' between them symbolized in the process of joining these squares.

Hooking along, enjoying the comforting process and letting my thoughts run free...pondering the miracle of life...thinking how sweet a baby will look bundled up in this blankie.

I hope you find some soothing, comforting, thoughtful moments in your day :-)


  1. Those granny squares look lovely! The colors you chose are soothing for a baby and for the mother as well. Can't wait to see the end result :)

  2. Hi Josie, the granny squares look great the finished blanket is going to look lovely!

  3. ooo gorgeous!You can't beat a good granny square :-D

    ...I may have to try those heart patterns out for myself, they look great.


  4. I bought a couple of balls of the Impeccable at Michaels just before Christmas. I rather like it.
    I also enjoyed the great shades they had of the colors they had left! The blanket looks wonderful and will make such a special gift.

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  5. My, such a beautiful post. Your blanket will be a treasured gift for sure. Such pretty colors, too. Lucky friends you have, that momma and baby! AND lucky get to hold the blessed little one in his/her new blankie. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!


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