Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Blanket for Ms. A

I started this little granny blanket back in January as a birthday gift for my friend, Ms. A, who turned 50.  A master knitter and needlepointer, her life is full raising 5 kids ranging in age from 9 - 21 years.  She lost her first child tragically, but managed to go on with life and has brought up a beautiful family.  She's amazing and I respect and adore her.

So this little lap blanket was a pet project of mine, but I kept getting distracted along the way, starting other projects mostly!  Finally finished it this past week.

The humble beginnings back in January.

Continued to grow, using the join-as-you-go method.

72 total squares of Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square

A 12-row border of granny stitches.  I've done this on 3 blankets now.  I think I like the way it 'frames' the group of granny squares.

The yarn is Patons Canadiana, 100% acrylic, and so soft to the touch.

The final edging was one row of single crochet followed by a simple picot.

I'm calling it the 'Spring Garden' blanket because it took me all of Spring to make it.

Well folks, thanks for popping by today.  I'm off to get the dogs to the groomer, pick up groceries and flowers, and clean house like mad because my Mom is coming to visit!  She's a neat-freak so I always feel compelled to have everything in its place when she comes.  I don't want to get that 'look' from know the one...where all is said with that dreaded 'look'!  I'm forty-something, have a wonderful family and life, and still want my Mom's approval!  Hmmm...come to think of it, my kids know that look all too well.

Have a good weekend :-)


  1. It's Gah-geous! I love the colors. It's a great gift...not sure I could part with it.

    I'm exactly the same with my mom too!

  2. Oh so pretty, Josie and congrats on finishing it!! Mrs. A is so lucky, indeed! Hope you're not too bushed tonight after all your errands and cleaning. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your blanket is beautiful, Ms. A is a very lucky lady to receive a gift like this. I love how you've edged it too, it gives it that finished off look. I'm exactly the same, always looking for approval from my mum. Hope you enjoy her visit.

  4. Such a lovely blanket, the colours are so pretty.

  5. Very pretty blanket Josie! I like the colors and the way you finished it off. Enjoy your time with your Mom :)

  6. That is a really wonderful gift for a special friend x

  7. Ah. Gasp. Gorgeous! When pinterest stops playong up I'll be sticking a picture of it in my crochet file. Oh it's lush!


  8. What a very lovely gift that must have made!

  9. love it! I'm finishing up a similar blanket with lots of bright colors. I love how you finished yours up and I might just do that also!!! great job!!

  10. Wow! Such another inspiring thing you've made! Amazing work Josie! Your friend must be thrilled!!!

  11. so adorable. Really love that blankie. Such a lucky friend, having this blanket.

  12. Wow ,that blanket is very pretty.I agree the edging does frame the blanket.Beautiful colours .It may have taken longer than you would have liked but it was worth it.

  13. Hi Josie,

    Thanks for your wishes on my B/D. This blanket is so pretty. Very soft color. Ms A must appreciates it. You'r thoughtfulness to have made this.


    I've problen in posting comments for some blogger. Can only select Anonymous

  14. Absolutely lovely... top notch.

  15. Hi Josie... What a gorgeous blanket! You have a great eye for colour. What yarn did you use? Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too ( is hard to know if anyone is visiting when you first blog isn't it! Now I shall just imagine I am talking to you :)x I am having to post this as anonymous as the form won'taccept my URL...but it is me!

  16. Wow, how pretty Josie! I simply love it. The colors, the design, how you joined the squares....
    Love, Maaike

  17. ooo your blanket is so pretty!! Ms. A is truly blessed to have a friend like you.


  18. very sweet.

    I love your planket.

    hugs Conny


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