Thursday, October 14, 2010

Memory Lane

I've become so fond of crocheting.  Okay, that's an understatement.  The right word is obsessed.  I'm not even sure what the catalyst was for picking up a crochet hook a few months ago.  I was a decent knitter for a number of years - and still enjoy it - but for some unknown reason decided to explore the "other" needle. 

I decided to start with a simple blanket using a sport weight yarn.  It was a simple double crochet throughout using neutral tweedy hues.  Kinda boring, but I found the rhythm of it to be soothing and enjoyable at the end of the day.  I discovered how less constricting - less complicated - crocheting can be.  Right?!

My tweedy blankie with some stripes.

Anyway, this whole obsession made me think back to when I was first exposed to the wonderful art of crochet.  I have my Mom to thank for that!  I remember as a kid, she was always sewing matching dresses for my sister and me, or crocheting.  I watched and learned.  Shawls were her specialty and her favorite stitch was the shell stitch.  I'm going to have to ask Mom if she still has some of those shawls the next time I visit.  I realize now what a gift it was to receive her tutelage.

I gained some basic skills in the home arts when I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school.  This was in the days when they still offered Home Economics in high school (dare I say, 32 years ago - yikes!).  I still have a couple of the projects I made in that class:  a crocheted yellow baby blanket and a quilted pillow sampler.

My rudimentary attempt at quilting and sewing.  Mrs. Beechok was my Home Ec teacher, a wonderful lady, who was ever so patient with her students.

Learning applique and trapunto techniques and some embroidery thrown in.  Remember Holly Hobby?!

Butterfly, pinwheel and crazy quilting...

Another panel with squares and yarn ties...

I forget what this quilting technique is called, but I remember it was the most difficult to complete.  Precision required!

Shell-stitched baby blanket.

All these years I had saved this blankie for my future daughter.  But since I ended up blessed with two boys, it went unused...perhaps I'll hold onto it for those granddaughters I hope to have one day :-)

Until next time... enjoy each precious moment of your day!

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  1. quilting technique for the 5th picture is called cathedral (if i'm not mistaken)


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